Most Goals By A Defenceman

Williamsburg Public School

Reading with the Rangers

Not a public event.

Read with the Rangers is a program that focuses on the importance of literacy while having fun. Students will have the opportunity to read with their favourite Rangers Players and learn a little more about the players' experiences with reading and education.

To take part in one of the Kitchener Rangers school visit programs, please contact Arlaine Clayford at 519-576-3700 ext. 34 or

League Schedules
Friday March 27
SAR at ERIE 7:00 EST
KGN at NB 7:00 EST
GAT at BLB 7:00 EST
CAP at QUE 7:00 EST
CHA at SHE 7:00 EST
SAG at SSM 7:07 EST
OS at GUE 7:30 EST
KIT at LDN 7:30 EST
PBO at OSH 7:30 EST
VIC at RIM 7:30 EST
HAL at SHA 7:30 EST
ROU at VDO 7:30 EST
SNB at BAC 7:30 EST
EDM at BDN 9:30 EST
KTN at CAL 11:00 EST
SC at REG 11:00 EST
PG at VIC 1:05 EST
TC at KEL 1:05 EST
SPO at EVT 1:35 EST

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